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Being Creative is NOT so easy

What happens when we are not Creative…. To be creative? It…
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What happens when we are not Creative….

To be creative? It feels like you’re banging your head against a brick wall trying.
Some days you’re popping ideas like crazy, and you think, “I’ll remember those idea’s” for that rainy day, But you don’t. That rainy day has visited you and your mind is a cavern of “nothingness” (is that even a word?).

So what can you do to reinstate the flow of creativity and stop the ebb of “nothingness”!

Well there are quite a few things you can do, not all of them will work for you, so my thinking on this is take only the ones that do it for you and stick with them.

Listen to music.Music | creative | Gecko Grafix | Web Design | Cardiff

Any music, it doesn’t matter, although some say the classics are better for hitting those parts of the grey matter that control
motor actions, emotions and of course creativity.“The Mozart Effect”

doodle | creative | Gecko Grafix | Web Design | Cardiff

Its not just scribbles


This can sometimes be a hard one because in essence the mere act of doodling is creative in it self, so pick the key subject of your anguish and just start moving that pen.

Have your very own “side-project”

Having your own side project allows you to escape the realms of the task at hand, sometimes doing something that is self rewarding can be enough to get those creative juices flowing again.

Look at your previous projects

and ask how you could reinvigorate them or change them to suit a different client.

People Watch.

or some would saying being “Nosey”, but being in open spaces helps you to “think outside” the box.

Go to a coffee shop.

Just for the caffeine of course what else is there, combine it with the people watching if you need an excuse.

Don’t stress about perfection.

Perfection is the destination, the idea is the starting block, the creativity is the actual journey. enjoy the journey.

Meditation | creative | Gecko Grafix | Web Design | Cardiff

Its about thinking about “nothing”

Meditate or Daydream about a Far Away place.

I use to get told off a lot for doing this at school, but it is a great way of releasing your mind of any constraints of the day and in return allowing the creativity juices to flow once more.

Redesign a Logo.

Give the “NIKE” logo a freshen up, redraw the the “Starbucks” cup.

Write a list.

Get productive, write a list, probably the best way to get creative is to get productive, simple and quick tasks to get maximum gratification will inspire those artistic tendencies.

Deal with rejection

Rejection | creative | Gecko Grafix | Web Design | Cardiff

Take Rejection as a Positive vibe

Whats this doing here….. Well, actually getting rejected or having an idea shelved is sometimes enough to rethink a problem or scenario

Learn something new.

Physical exercise is great but the ol’ grey matter needs exercise too and the best way to break the dormant state is to learn something new.

Do some yoga or Exercise.

According to the Barrons, when we’re physically active, the body loosens up and our mind is a little freer. So it’s easier to come up with solutions to problems and think of new ideas. Plus one recent study found regular exercisers performed better on creative tasks than their less active peers did.

Games | creative | Gecko Grafix | Web Design | Cardiff

Problem solving games

Play a video game.

here’s one excuse to sit in front of the computer: Video games that energize players and encourage a positive mood (Portal or Portal 2 are great, not Mortal Combat) can also promote creativity by boosting our problem-solving skills.

Get some sleep.

If you’re trying to solve a problem and can’t, get some shut eye. The morning will bring a new way of thinking. Sleep restructures new memory representations, meaning we think about experiences in new ways. At the very least, take a power nap, which stimulates right brain activity (the part of the brain responsible for creativity).

Don’t Stress about it.

The last and one of the most important, is this one, just don’t stress about it -lack of creativity happens to the best of us, stressing about it will only hinder the process of overcoming it.

watching | creative | Gecko Grafix | Web Design | Cardiff