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Here are a few things you should know with regards to our Policies, if you are interested in working together or interacting with GeckoGrafix.


Some of the links at this website, may be affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission if you click the link and choose to buy something. Many (but not all) of the Genesis Child Themes, for example, are affiliate links.

I care about my audience too much to ever recommend rubbish, so please know that I’ll only recommend products that

  • I have used myself.
  • I have researched and thoroughly believe in.


Treat others how you’d like to be treated, and remember to reserve judgment and assume that everyone is trying their best. In other words, be kind, helpful, and not overly self-promotional.

If, for any reason, I believe that a comment does not add to the conversation or it links to unrelated product for marketing purposes I will remove it.

You do not have to agree with my posts or the content, but if you leave a comment that is just rude or offensive, then it will be removed. We live in a world where everybody has to have a voice and not everyone will agree with everyone else, so lets just say what we need to say- back it up with facts, say it eloquently.


For a more complex insight into what is going on behind the scenes check out my more comprehensive Privacy-Policy
I care a lot about online security. I only collect info from you that you voluntarily provide (through comments, form submissions) – and I treat that info like gold.

Your information will never be sold, and I only share it with trusted & secure third parties in the order of doing business (i.e. with MailChimp to send you an email).

If you should have any queries relating to any of the above then please don’t hesitate to contact me, feedback is always an essential tool for all business’s.