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Guest House-Mayfield Lodge

“Mayfield Lodge Guest House” has been a favourite of travelers…
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“Mayfield Lodge Guest House”

has been a favourite of travelers to the vibrant city of Edinburgh for years,
and Gecko~Grafix was privileged to take over the Guest House’s very much needed redesign of their website.


The remit from the client was to engage their customers through an interface that was responsive, that could be used whilst on the “go” and a design that would embody the Guest House’s ethos as a “home from home” as well as one that would monopolize there chosen demographic.

Before any coding took place, extensive research was undertaken on current trends of Guest House’s throughout the UK. Whilst doing this research on guest house’s in Edinburgh and across the UK, We found out that about 75% of them were being totally misrepresented in terms of demographic catchment, being under represented with the Guest house itself and displaying the Guest house in a flat, unappealing and unresponsive way. A majority of those websites incorporated 3rd party software responsible for capturing bookings for the owners, I felt this posed a series of problems,

  1. They were reliant on 3rd party software functioning and reporting in a timely manner.
  2. The ability to style and incorporate the software into your own design was limited, if at all.
  3. The Majority of software/plugins used redirected the customer from the Guesthouse website to the 3rd parties’ website, thus losing the customers attention to other possible selling points
  4. and, They all lacked that personable approach.

We at Gecko~Grafix created a beautiful website that was soft on the eyes, captured their chosen demographic eloquently, it was also functional and felt like an app when used on a mobile device.

What we included

With a lot of functionality like touch-enabled slideshows, click-to-call links and an intuitive user interface-all work cohesively together to create the perfect online presence for this popular guest house in Edinburgh Scotland.


The Old Mayfield Lodge website.

Guest House-Mayfield Lodge Old | Gecko Grafix | Web Design | Cardiff


The Updated Mayfield Lodge website.

Guest House-Mayfield Lodge New | Gecko Grafix | Web Design | Cardiff


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