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Your Website Sucks (Probably).

But Here’s How to Turn it into a Conversion Crusher.…

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Facebook Account Hacked

OH! My Facebook Business has been HACKED !

As the virtual terrain continues to evolve, businesses are increasingly…

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The Future is AI with a little bit of human too

The Future is AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer just a buzzword or…

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A new Phase with Web 3.0

It’s something you’ve heard before. Web 2.0 is no longer…

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1st page of Google – all the “ins & outs”

So you’ve gone to all the trouble and expense to…

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Real Estate Agencies – how to use Instagram

Instagram is becoming more popular year by year. It is…

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Dealing with Negative or False Reviews

Getting a negative review? OR A business competitor trying to…

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60 Ways to make money Blogging

Its all about making money and working from home whether…

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Grow Your Instagram – Top 10 Tips

Social Media is vast and trying to get future clients…

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Why Shoppers Leave their Carts

Having shoppers leave or abandon their carts is a frustrating…

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5 Social Media Trends – 2019

Here are some interesting statistics for current 2019 Social Media…

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Dynamic or Static

The Difference of STATIC and DYNAMIC WEBSITES refer to how…

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Using Social Media to advertise – “EFFECTIVELY”

If you or your company does business on the Internet,…

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Using Images in your Website

How to utilise the Image media facility in WordPress effectively…

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5 things Facebook can’t do !

New Business owners avoid getting a website, The cost, time…

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Mobile First and How it Affects YOUR Business

Mobile first design is a responsive design approach. We will…

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Which Came First: A Great Business or Great Website ?

Great web design instils trust in your business. According to…

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How Often Should I Get My Website Redesigned?

You have worked hard over the years increasing your business’s…

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Yes ! Every small business needs a website and 6 reasons why!

Should your small business have a website? Yes! The first…

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Free Stuff

What do Royalty Free, Creative Commons, and Public Domain mean?…

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10 Q’s your web designer asks you and WHY ?

Being a web designer is about transitioning the thoughts and…

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Biggest Mistakes of DIY Websites

To get things done right, we always seem to get…

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How a Difficult Client Can Keep You Sane

Some of the time we get them, or I should…

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Simple “Search Engine Optimization”


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Unbelievable plugins to help you create success!

Plugins are a great way to create unbelievable success quickly to…

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WordPress Cheat Sheet Part 3

Part 3 of the WordPress Cheat Sheet courtesy of Artist Relations…

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WordPress Cheat Sheet Part 2

Part 2 of the WordPress Cheat Sheet courtesy of Tutsplus [pdf-embedder…

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WordPress Cheat Sheet Part 1

WordPress Cheat Sheet A WordPress Cheat Sheet for use on…

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Change…..It can rejuvenate a Business.

Change, Its like a breath of fresh air… Although some…

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Guest House-Mayfield Lodge

“Mayfield Lodge Guest House” has been a favourite of travelers…

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Promote Yourself

Why Should You Promote Yourself ? How people see you at…

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Being Creative is NOT so easy

What happens when we are not Creative…. To be creative? It…

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